Over the past year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my values and purpose, having had an amazing opportunity to work on defining this with Executive Coach Clare Robinson as part of The Marketing Academy.It really helped me take a broader perspective and gain an understanding of what truly mattered to me.

Values of passion, authenticity and impact shone at the top and we worked together on how to channel these values through all aspects of my life.

I decided in 2021 I wanted to take action to do something that had a positive, purposeful impact on the world. Driven…

The application process was tough to get onto the TMA scholarship and I felt such intense pride when I got the call on a rainy Wednesday afternoon to say I had secured a place.

When the list of names was released and I read through the achievements of the other scholars, I felt so in awe to see mine among them, it was one of those rare moments of overwhelming gratification and joy that I’ll always remember.

Through the teachings on The Marketing Academy, I’m beginning to understand the power of vulnerability, so I’d also like to share that I…

We’re at the end of the first week of isolation, and boy has it been a rollercoaster of emotion. I’ve had lots of tears trying to work out what the bloody hell is happening, managing scary thoughts of what is to come and beginning to see the good that may come from all of this.

Friday night, my dear friend Alice Stolz sent me this Harvard Business Review article. Sat on the sofa I grabbed a big red wine and read it out loud to Dave, crying through the whole thing. It perfectly articulated all my tangled, messy feelings and gave me permission to feel what I needed to.

It was one of the best things I’ve read in a long time and has shifted the way I think about this situation, so I wanted to share a few of the things that stood out to me:

  1. What is this sad feeling? This situation is…

Emily Murren

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